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Join SGLB for a 6-month unpaid internship working in the areas of social media and marketing not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogs, and more. During your experience, you will be exposed to marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and advertising campaigns, all of which will be centered around brand releases, events, and editorial to help promote the growth and exposure of our company. You will work closely with the owner of Stevin Gold remotely via PC/Mac, and a mobile device for tasks and deliverables outlined in your internship agreement. You will have opportunities to bring ideas, test, and execute with the freedom of working from your own location for a minimum of 4-8 hrs. per week. References and/or letters of recommendation may be necessary upon request. 

Please send resumes to:


Join SGLB for a sales representative position where you will be managing sales accounts for premium retail stores both physical and online for product opportunities, line buys, order fulfillment, and account management. Applicants should have a minimum of 1 year experience representing brands and or working in fashion retail on a store level. MUST have a 'go-getter' attitude and be able to comfortably communicate with store ownership and managers. Those with already established networks and or retail accounts or relationships are encouraged to apply. Perfect for someone looking to get in the fashion retail door and interested in building a network regionally and nationally. Potential to travel to national trade shows on a need only basis. 

Please send resumes to:
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